Increase your Chances of Getting Pregnant by these Ways

If you are ready to have a baby, then probably you should know how to get pregnant fast. Many people think that becoming pregnant is very easy and it just needs – go off contraception, have sex, and that’s it, you will be pregnant! Unfortunately, it always does not happen that much quicker. Though few of the couples conceive in the early stage of their relation itself, there are numbers of couples, who takes much longer than that. There are even couples who had taken nearly 18 years to conceive. This situation always doesn’t mark that there is anything wrong with you people, but the truth is, getting pregnant is not as easy as you think. For a young couple who are between the age 18-25, and are at the peak stage of their fertility without having any underlying fertility issues, have chances of ¬†25 percent per cycle 1 for conceiving, that too, if they have well-timed sex during the fertile window. This clearly indicates that, even if you are healthy and making love in a perfect way, you could have better odds sometimes. So it is always important to know about few things that can help you to some extent to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant quickly. Here are few tips that can make you conceive more quickly.

Go off your birth control – ahead of time

If you are the person, who are popping that little birth control white pills for every few days, then immediately take a break from them from few months before you wish to start trying for pregnancy. You should also stop keeping Depo-Provera which are injectable shots of progesterone before nine months of your start to pregnancy. But just don’t forget, once you stop taking birth control, then you can get pregnant at any time.


Maintain exact diet and perfect weight

You might have heard that people who are overweight cannot get pregnant early. Yes, it is correct. So maintaining a healthy weight by having daily workouts and by eating healthy foods (avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates) can help you get pregnant faster.


Keep an eye on your fertile days

No matter how often you make love with your partner, and how intimately you both have it, if you do not make love in the days out of the month at the time when your egg is raring to go, then 90% you will not get pregnant. Many doctors reported that the common mistake that most of the people who are desperate to get pregnant do were they will not think and will not have knowledge of when exactly they ovulate. The best way to know exact period of when you ovulate is to subtract 14 from the length of your menstrual cycle. Sperm can stick to your uterus and to your fallopian tubes for almost 2 to 3 days, but women egg only lasts for only a few hours to one day after it is released. So having sex just before the days you ovulate enhances the chances of that hardy sperm to have a great meet with your egg as soon as it debuts. Start making love very often as soon as your period ends. Having sex on these days will ensure you that you won’t miss your most fertile time.

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Food Diet Guide For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should maintain perfect weight and also at the same time should ensure that their diet provides them with enough energy, proteins and nutrients. Because of not maintaining a perfect and exact diet, can affect development and growth of the baby. Diet taken by pregnant women should also ensure that her body is healthy enough to deal with the changes and also challenges that are occurring. To have a safe and healthy pregnancy, the pregnant women should take the balanced and nutritious diet. This diet should consist of exact balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is best to consume a wide variety of vegetables, and fruits as they are rich in proteins. Many pregnant women diets mostly get impacted by their ethical beliefs and religious requirements. But it should be based totally on health conditions. It is always best to consult a doctor to plan a perfect pregnancy diet.

Take Care of Calorie Intake

Generally, calorie intake of pregnant women increases during their pregnancy. Pregnant women who are underweight is recommended to gain the most, while pregnant women who are overweight is preferred to gain the least. A pregnant woman can digest iron contained foods more efficiently, so they have to take more iron as even blood volume increases when they are pregnant. By taking good rich in iron, pregnant women can ensure that she and her baby are getting adequate oxygen supply.

Never Neglect Fruit and Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables and fruits are the cornerstones of any protein and nutritious diet. These foods are extremely important during pregnancy time. Fruits and vegetable should be taken in five every day. You can take them either in the form of juice or dried, frozen, or fresh. Generally, it is best to take fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables as they provide vitamins and nutrients at a high level. Doctors suggest that taking fruit directly is better than taking it in form of juice as juice consists of sugar. Carrot juice and wheatgrass juice are preferred more during pregnancy as they are high in nutrition.

Consume Starchy Carbohydrate-Rich Foods:

However, maintaining weight during pregnancy doesn’t mean totally to avoid carbohydrates. The human body needs everything in perfect quantity. It is also needed for pregnant women to take starch carbohydrate-rich foods that include rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. These are also considered as an important component of a good pregnancy diet. But these foods must be taken in exact quantity and should never exceed the minimum quantity.

Protein and Fats:

To get enough protein to the body, pregnant women should prefer healthful, animal-sourced proteins. This includes foods like chicken, eggs fish and lean meat. A study reported that pregnant women who take seafood like crab, fish and prawns will have lower levels of anxiety compared with women who do not take them. Pregnant women who never consumed seafood (mainly fish) had fifty percent greater chances to subject to a risk of suffering from high levels of anxiety. Coming to the fats, pregnant women should not take food that consist of fat more than thirty percent as it may lead to genetic problems for baby like diabetes in future.

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How to get pregnant: 7 tips to follow

Wanting to get pregnant should add spice to your life, not poison your existence. The wait is often painful since it gives rise to doubt: would I, too, one day, a child? During this time, work as a team with your spouse to increase your fertility level and succeed in conceiving the most wonderful baby.

1. Make love often and at the right time

The first essential to getting pregnant is, of course, to make love, and to do it at the right time. For women who have a stable cycle of 28 days, it is relatively easy to spot the ovulation period. Generally speaking, it is on the 14th day. The four days preceding and following are also conducive to fertilization, since the lifespan of spermatozoa is on average four days, and that of the egg, 48 hours.
2. Use an ovulation test

Those who do not have a regular menstrual cycle can use an ovulation test. This is a urine test that detects the increase in lutein hormone, which coincides with the period of ovulation. You can then easily target the optimal time to make love, and organize a romantic evening!
3. Choose certain positions and aim for orgasm

The ideal position to get pregnant does not exist, but it seems better not to have gravity against oneself. For this reason, you should favor positions where you are lying on your back or side.

Orgasm, in turn, is not related in any way to ovulation, but it would allow to pass more sperm in the uterus, thanks to the contractions it causes. Regardless of the position chosen and whether or not the orgasm is reached, the secret probably lies more in the fact of enjoying it, rather than doing the act mechanically.
4. Reduce your coffee consumption

Some studies, including one from the University of Nevada’s Faculty of Medicine, 1 show that caffeine has a negative impact on women’s fertility. Caffeine would cause the relaxation of cells in the fallopian tubes. The latter have the role of transporting the eggs to the uterus. The consumption of coffee would therefore affect their migration. For now, the studies do not specify how much would have a negative impact on fertility. Discuss with your doctor.

5. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol use is prohibited during pregnancy, but it should also be avoided, or at least diminished, when a couple tries to conceive a child. Drinking two to three glasses of alcohol a day significantly affects fertility for both women and men.
6. Stay away from sources of stress

All elements of stress are not negative, far from it. However, there is a correlation between stress and infertility. To put the odds on your side, do not put yourself in stressful situations, or, if you can not avoid them, find ways or time to relax.
7. Follow a balanced diet and aim for your healthy weight

If you are too thin or overweight, it has an impact on your level of fertility. Do not go on a draconian diet, or conversely, do not overdo it, but eat balanced meals, exercise on a daily basis and keep your mobility up. This statement is true for both woman and man. For further tips on exercise and mobility visit Physiotherapy Brisbane 

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Planned Parenthood with Effective Birth Control Measures

Going by the recent changes in lifestyle of men and women with women becoming career conscious, Planned parenthood has now become a favorable option among them. Nowadays the couples think a lot before having a child as it brings in number of added responsibilities which they must be ready to take on. Therefore Planned Parenthood is increasingly become a safer choice for both men and women as it allows them to be well prepared.

It may sound simple but Planned Parenthood requires considerable effort especially on part of women to select the right birth control method which ensures their well being without affecting them health in any adverse manner. Since it is woman who is at the receiving end of birth control measures, she must consult an Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic to get the much needed guidance regarding the decision.

The most common birth control method adopted by women is the use of Birth Control Pills. If taken in the correct manner, they help in preventing ovarian and endometrial cancer apart from checking pregnancy.

Another effective form of birth control is Mirena IUD. It is an intrauterine hormonal contraceptive device that is placed directly into the uterus by the medical practitioner to prevent contraception. It can prevent pregnancy for a much longer period, say 5 years and can treat heavy periods in women as well.

Implanon also offer high effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. In this form of birth control, the doctor places an Implanon rod into the upper arm of a woman which releases hormones to prevent pregnancy for 3 years.

Apart from the above methods, if a woman decides not to have further children, she can opt for Female Sterilization. It is a permanent method in which a simple surgery is performed to block the Fallopian tubes.

Though there are several methods of Birth control, but unwanted pregnancy is hard to prevent which may being in certain complications. So in order to get rid of them, women often choose Abortion as an alternative to terminate the pregnancy. A number of Abortion Clinics are present in all american states to help women with their pregnancy related issues.

Also, there are several obstetrics and gynecology clinics that provide complete health care services to women and helps them take the right decision pertaining to planned parenthood.

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Make love to get pregnant

To get pregnant, you have to start making love at the right time … And after, how to optimize the chances of pregnancy? In this matter, the most wacky advice is legion. Is there an ideal sexual position? Does orgasm promote fertilization?

5 tips to give a little help to chance.

  • Boost her fertility
  • Choose the right moment to make love
  • Is there an ideal position to get pregnant?
  • Does orgasm promote fertilization?
  • After love, do you have to do the pear?

Boost her fertility

First and foremost, general lifestyle tips can help you maximize your chances of getting pregnant. As :

  • Stop smoking,
  • Limit your alcohol consumption,
  • Adapt your diet,
  • Perform a preconceptional examination, etc.

Choose the right moment to make love

First, it is necessary to determine the right moment: the report must take place in the moments close to ovulation, that is to say during the release of a fertilizable egg in the uterus.

In general, this is around the 14th day of the cycle (counting from the first day of the rules). Feel free to use our temperature curve app to optimize your chances or to buy an ovulation test in pharmacy.

Once your ovulation period is spotted, make love between the third day before and the third day after ovulation. And for gentlemen, it is advisable in the three days before this date to abstain from any report, to preserve a high sperm count.

Small precision to put an end to a misconception: the fact of having sex before ovulation to have a girl and the day of ovulation or after to have a boy does not rest on any scientific foundation.
Is there an ideal position to get pregnant?

First, we must recognize that the ideal position to get pregnant is a myth!

But it seems in any case preferable not to have gravity against itself, and therefore to favor the positions that will bring the sperm near the cervix. Even if sperm can swim in all positions, and will only go through chemical signals, it will make it easier for them!

The position of the missionary is ideal, with all the variants where the woman is lying on her back or on the side, such as the exploded flower for example. The doggy too may be propitious, provided you manage the changes of position! Avoid, however, the union of the lotus or the position of Andromache and all the configurations with the woman on the man.

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